12 Bafflingly High 2017 IMDB Scores You Will Not Believe

11. The Boss Baby (6.4)

The Boss Baby

There's a good chance you've already forgotten that this DreamWorks animated movie even existed, which casts Alex Baldwin in the role of an inexplicably suited-and-booted baby, who causes all sorts of mayhem as he tries to ensure that babies receive more love than puppies.

Despite Baldwin's knowing performance, The Boss Baby mostly squanders its satirical potential with a dull, weirdly involved narrative, an excess of low-brow poopy jokes, and smaltzy, unearned sentiment that'll probably make most adult viewers visibly wince.

The Score It Deserves: Though it isn't as terrible as it could've been, this is a blandly acceptable animation at best. A mediocre 5.0 feels about right.

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