12 Best Horror Movies Since The Year 2000

10. The Descent (2005)


Do you suffer from claustrophobia or have a fear of dark places (that's nyctophobia for the SAT kids)? A movie about getting trapped in a cave probably isn'€™t for you. If those things don€™'t phase you, be forewarned that there are other problems lurking in the depths. The Descent is one of those movies where at the beginning things seem bad, and then it continues and things get worse, and that€™'s when the real troubles begin.

The story concerns an adventurous group of female friends. The protagonist, Sarah, is still reeling from the death of her husband and son a year before this cave exploration trip begins. Her frenemy, Juno, is an adrenaline junkie of the highest degree and is reckless with the well-being of her compatriots and her self.

When she reveals to the group that no one knows exactly where they are spelunking, the sense of hopelessness that befalls them is palpable; when they realise they might not be alone in the caves their dread becomes contagious.


Joe Sippy grew up in Chicago and now resides in Los Angeles. He enjoys corn dogs, rap music, and horror movies. On weekends you can find him in the ocean, surfing very poorly.