12 Hidden Horror Movie Gems Of The Last Decade

12. Cargo


Known more than anything for his roles as Bilbo Baggins, John Watson, and Tim Canterbury in The Office, Martin Freeman brings more than a little of himself to each of his roles. As Andy in Cargo however, there is something more to his performance, as he portrays a father going through one of the worst experiences any parent could imagine.

As the zombie apocalypse kicks into top gear in Australia, Andy vows to keep his daughter safe from harm, but when he is inevitably bitten by the walking dead, his quest moves from keeping his child protected from the hordes of zombies, to keeping his child protected from himself.

The zombie movie is one of the most saturated sub genres in all of horror, but Cargo offers something different. Instead of the focus being on the monsters themselves, the movie is driven by the character of one man, and the tough, heartbreaking choices he is forced to make.

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