12 Movies In 2018 That Were Unfairly Hated

11. The Spy Who Dumped Me


In fairness, the marketing for this Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon-starring action-comedy was absolutely terrible, and it's hard to blame people too much for hating on it sight-unseen.

And while The Spy Who Dumped Me slightly outstays its welcome at 117 minutes, it is a surprising movie in a number of ways.

For starters, the action sequences are genuinely kinetic and hyper-violent, teasing the possibility that filmmaker Susanna Fogel could be the next Katherine Bigelow in the making (because Hollywood really needs more female action directors).

Comedy-wise Kate McKinnon is the easy show-stealer here, and though there's hardly anything groundbreaking on offer, her madcap antics easily carry the film past the finish line. Fun supporting work from Justin Theroux and Gillian Anderson meanwhile seals the deal.

Given how lame most spy spoofs not called Spy tend to be, the fact this even turned out pretty decent is honestly a minor miracle. If you were expecting bland, workmanlike direction and low-effort humour, its brutality and its edginesss just might surprise you.


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