12 Scariest Movie Moments Of 2016

2016 was a good year to be scared s***less.

The Shallows Shark
Columbia Pictures

Real life was scary enough in 2016, which might explain why it wasn’t a fantastic year for big screen horror. Sure, there were a few gems like The Witch, Hush and The Neon Demon, but there were a fair few duds too like The Forest, Morgan and The Boy.

Horror fans shouldn’t despair, though, since the quality horror still provided solid shocks and jolts. There’s nothing quite like the rush an audience gets with a good scare, and sometimes all a decent horror flick needs to work is a few well-executed frights. From sudden jumps to scenes buzzing with good old fashioned suspense, there was something for everyone to be freaked out by.

Even a couple of movies that aren’t horror in the traditional scene managed to provide us with a few scares. Listed here are some of the best jump scares of 2016, and the reasons why they made you keep that bed light on ever since.

12. The Painting - The Conjuring 2

The Shallows Shark
Warner Bros.

The Conjuring 2 is “based on a true story”, which means around 99.98% of it is complete BS. It was still a fun ride, though, and at this stage director James Wan can pull off memorable jump scares in his sleep.

He also loves coming up with creative monster designs too, like the red demon from Insidious or the evil nun from The Conjuring 2. This freaky creation stalks The Warrens after they hold a séance in Amityville – which is typically a bad idea – and for some reason, they decide to paint an eerily lifelike picture of it and hang it up.

Lorraine ends up in a room alone with this painting, and when the lights go low it looks like the nun has stepped out of the frame; things take a turn for the pant wetting from there. In fact, the evil nun was popular enough to warrant a spin-off of her own in the near future.


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