12 Scariest Movie Moments Of 2016

11. The Bat Creature - Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Warner Bros

Zack Snyder is a director who likes to make dark movies; like literally dark looking movies. To that end, Batman V Superman almost looks like a horror movie at times, with moody cinematography, creepy looking monsters and bone-crunching violence.

This is seen most clearly in the nightmare Bruce Wayne has of visiting his parent’s crypt, only to find blood seeping from it. He touches it out of curiosity, only for it to burst open and a gnarly looking bat creature (Man-Bat?) to reach out and bite him. To Snyder’s credit, it’s an effective jump scare, and the creature itself is a freaky looking creation.

The subtext is a tad on the nose of course, but it proves Zack has the chops to make a decent horror flick is he so chooses.


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