12 Stupidest Decisions Made By Characters In X-Men Movies

They're not always exceptional...

The latest X-Men outing, Days Of Future Past, has so far hauled in a whopping amount at the worldwide box office, and thrilled fans and critics alike. And of course, considering the comic book film franchise isn€™t a product of Marvel, the success of Fox€™s mutant movie series is all the more impressive.

The key to Fox's success has lain primarily in their careful treatment of the source material. Not all moviegoers are devout comic book readers - those intimate with the specifics of Wolverine€™s love life and how many pairs of icey underpants Bobby Drake owns - and that€™s why their big screen features have been such a smash, With X-Men, you really don€™t need to be a fanboy.

But then for those who are, the experience is even better, as the flicks are loaded with hidden easter eggs for die-hards eager for a pat on the back.

That being said, there are a plague of issues that have caused many a fan to bunch their fists and waggle them at the sky. Not plot holes, or time travel paradoxes, but issues which stem from the actual characters and their in-universe decisions. Apparently, super mutants and their human cohorts aren€™t immune to the reality of poor decision-making; the series is littered with them.

Are they unique spins on developing characters? Or just awful moments to forward the plot? You decide.


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