12 Stupidest Decisions Made By Characters In X-Men Movies

12. Putting Rogue On The X-Men Team - X-Men

The first X-Men flick puts the audience in Rogue€™s shoes for the opening act. It€™s a useful technique, allowing us mere humans a chance to see the X-Men initiation process through a rookie€™s eyes. Denial! Acceptance! Boys! Wait, what? Alright, so she possesses one of the coolest powers of all the X-Men - she drains the life and abilities from anyone she touches - but the film focuses on her during her teenage years, as the torrent of €˜normal€™ hormones flooding her body are at odds with her mutant power. The long and short of that is that it€™s impossible for her embark on any teenage boom-boom with Bobby as it would kill him. And that hurts her. With that in mind, it seems remarkably irresponsible of Xavier to basically make her a fully-fledged X-Men without much training. Why the Professor enlisted a such a newbie into the ranks - without thoroughly schooling her on the lethal nature of her ability - is baffling. Surely such a tender, confused kid should have been kept under close supervision? Instead of being allowed to wander aimlessly and get caught by Magneto....

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