12 Things You Didn't Know About Chloë Grace Moretz

1. She Has An Expansive Ancestry

Although born and bred in the United States, Moretz has a wide family heritage which spans a large portion of Europe. She is of British and German descent, with Scottish, Welsh and Swiss-German roots to boot. Her patrilineal line can be traced back to Christian Moretz, who was born, c. 1714, in Sachsen, Germany. Moretz's paternal grandparents were Charles Hugh Moretz (the son of Joseph Alfred Moretz, Sr. and Maude Elizabeth Leonard) and Kathleen Morris (the daughter of John Birch Morris and Hester €œHattie€ Moore Moody). Her maternal grandparents were Edward Horton Duke (the son of John Edward Duke and Hattie Klugh Horton) and Janette Duggar (the daughter of James Alvie Duggar and Lois Hardy).
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