13 Awesome Horror Villains Lost In Unseen Movies

Have you even heard of ChromeSkull?!

Laid To Rest ChromeSkull
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Few sectors of the entertainment industry have the tattered history that horror has. The likes of Michael, Freddy and Jason (whilst all brilliant creations in their debut movies) have all turned out dozens of mediocre to down right awful films between them over the years, all whilst genuinely creative and terrifying films and characters have sadly found themselves pushed out of the limelight.

Streaming services such as Netflix have truly helped slowly break this mould however, whilst platforms such as YouTube now allow any of us horror-heads to pick up a camera and ramp up terrors of our own.

Villains in any movie have a tremendous ability to carry a film on their own, however their effect on a horror movie is particularly vital. If your villain isn't good, your horror movie won't be basically.

Whether through brutal atrocities, unnerving tension or the whole mythos and mystery surrounding them, there have been more than a few brilliant villains who have simply just slipped under too many people's radars since their release.

13. The Smiling Man - 2AM: The Smiling Man (2014)

Laid To Rest ChromeSkull

It might only be a short movie (less than five minutes long to be precise), but no film has genuinely gotten to us quite like The Smiling Man has.

2AM: The Smiling Man was written by the brilliant Michael Evans and opens with a guy, named Roamer in the film's original story, taking a stroll in the middle of the night. The silence is quickly broken by the shuffling of a strangely eccentric man, emerging slowly from the shadows. He is oddly dressed in a vintage-looking beige suit, is lazily dancing across the sidewalk and, whilst we can only catch a hint of it to begin with, is plastered with the most ungodly smile we have ever seen before.

Without uttering a single word, he begins to follow the man across the road. From dancing, to crouching, to performing some sort of Thriller-walk, the man is always seen with that same creepy smile. Unfazed as our Roamer guy swings from fear, anger and then all out panic, this creep steals the two things we would least associate with a horror villain and uses them to ramp up the terror to a whole new level.

This Smiling Man will seriously give some lasting chills.


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