13 Hollywood Stars Who Voiced Favourite Studio Ghibli Characters

2. Uma Thurman - Nausicaa: Valley Of The Wind

Another household name drafted in for the 2005 dubbing of Valley Of The Wind, Uma Thurman took on the voice of Kushana, Princess of Torumekia. Thurman brought this brutal yet likeable Princess to life, a scene stealing character that Miyazaki (who got the Ghibli ball rolling by writing and directing this one) likened to the lead character Nausicaa, describing them as €œtwo sides of the same coin.€ In fact, Kushana was such a hit that a young artist working on the film named Hideani Akko asked Miyazaki if he could create a manga side story based on her exploits. Miyazaki refused him, however, fearing that he would simply play war with his beloved Princess. Considering that Akko would become best known for his work on Neon Genesis Evangelion, a TV series set 15 years after the apocalypse hit Tokyo, it was probably a wise decision.

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