13 Hollywood Stars Who Voiced Favourite Studio Ghibli Characters

1. Shia LaBeouf - Nausicaa: Valley Of The Wind

Whether he picked up the phone and used his contacts at Disney or he was simply chosen because of his voice, Transformers star Shia LaBeouf was given the part of Asbel, the Prince of Pejite in the 2005 Valley Of The Wind dub. Unfortunately for him, Uma Thurman€™s Princess Kushana is on a bit of military conquest, and Pajite is in her way. Asbel is an important character in both the original manga and the feature film, and LaBeouf gives a convincing voice performance, though he isn€™t actually the first actor to dub over Yogi Matsuda€™s original Japanese dialogue. In 1985, New World Pictures picked up the film for an English dub, cutting a ton of material, renaming the title character Zandra, and changing the name of the film to Warriors Of The Wind. Needless to say, Miyazaki hated it.

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