13 Most Disappointing Movie Threequels

12. The Matrix Revolutions

The Matrix Revolutions Agent Smith Neo
Warner Bros.

The Originals: The Wachowskis melted minds the world over with their stunning 1999 game-changing action masterpiece, which led to the slightly disappointing but still thoroughly entertaining The Matrix Reloaded in 2003. You can't fault that brilliant car chase, even if the pretentious Colonel Sanders speech at the end was a bit much.

The Threequel: The Matrix Revolutions arrived mere months after Reloaded, the two having been filmed concurrently, and though marketing promised it would bring Neo's saga to a satisfying close...it really did the exact opposite of that.

Morpheus feels like he's barely in it, Trinity pointlessly dies after being resurrected in the previous film, the finale is too overblown for its own good, and Neo's fate is left ambiguous as the credits roll.

Yes, the Zion battle against the Sentinels is terrific and there are inspired moments throughout, but a fitting end to The Matrix franchise this is not.


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