13 Upcoming Movies With Hilariously Awful Plots

Are these movie plots so bad they're good...or just plain bad?

2015 has been widely hyped as potentially the greatest and most exciting year for movies that has ever been: after all, with new entries into the Star Wars, Jurassic Park, James Bond, Mission: Impossible and Avengers franchises alongside so many other promising films, it's going to be a year like no other. That said, it's not all good fun, though, because there's also a fair share of upcoming movies that sound, for want of a better word, awful. Not just awful, though: so awful that a mere utterance of the plot leads to derisive laughter and the genuine hope that said movie might fulfill its sure potential as "so bad it's good" and win immortality on the midnight drive-in circuit. This list of 13 movies includes outrageously overdone premises everyone is sick of, reboots and sequels nobody asked for, one adaptation of a controversial novel that's immensely light on plot, and a few movies that are clearly taking themselves a little too seriously. Each movie has the potential to land on many "Worst of 2015" lists around this time next year, though it's also worth noting that just because the plot sounds bad, the execution may (though most likely won't) result in a genuinely good final product. Here are the 13 most amusingly terrible upcoming movie plots on paper, the ideas that sound like bad jokes, and as for the end result, it's probably best not to expect much more (and then, maybe one or two will prove pleasantly surprising).

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