14 Cringe-Worthy Movie Scenes You Never Want To See Again

12. Deckard Gets Rapey - Blade Runner

Blade Runner Deckard Rachel
Warner Bros.

Blade Runner may be a masterful sci-fi classic, but it also boasts one especially discomforting scene that many fans have picked up on recently after rewatching the movie ahead of 2049's release.

When Deckard (Harrison Ford) first makes a romantic advance on replicant Rachel (Sean Young), she attempts to leave, causing him to block her exit, grab her and shove her against the wall.

He then orders her to tell him, "Kiss me” and “I want you", at which point he fully asserts himself over Rachel physically, and the rest is history.

Though you can certainly argue the scene has merit in terms of reinforcing Deckard's dismissive view of replicants, it's still wildly unnecessary in the overall scheme of the film, and just plays as awkward and unpleasant, especially to modern audiences.

This is only further compounded by the fact that the new movie makes Deckard and Rachel's relationship out to be a loving one, even though it was born out of, well, basically rape.

Apparently the main reason for Deckard's physicality is because Harrison Ford and Sean Young didn't have much chemistry on set, so a gentle sex scene would've been hilariously unconvincing. Instead, we got...this.


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