14 Cringe-Worthy Movie Scenes You Never Want To See Again

11. "Wargasms" - Savages

Savages Taylor Kitsch Blake Lively

Oliver Stone's crime thriller opens with a montage depicting the open relationship between protagonist Ophelia Sage (Blake Lively) and two enterprising marijuana growers, Chon (Taylor Kitsch) and Ben (Aaron Taylor-Johnson).

During a sex scene with Chon, Ophelia explains via voiceover what the experience is like, saying, "He’s always trying to f*** the war out of himself. I have orgasms. He has 'wargasms.'"

And with that howlingly cringe-worthy line, the movie has already started to lose its audience a mere three minutes in. Granted, it's not quite as infuriating as the film's late-day "it was all a dream" twist, but a good deal more awkward for sure.


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