14 Shocking Facts From The Sony Leak

13. Sony Scraps The Interview After Terrorist Threats

Where to begin with this one? Another spoilerific series of e-mails from the leak involve Seth Rogen and SPE co-chairman Amy Pascal being pressured by Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai to tone down some of the gore in The Interview. The e-mails themselves are spoiler-filled, though they do reveal the ending of the movie and even include a video of a pivotal moment. Needless to say, it's clear that Rogen is exasperated about having one key shot watered down to appease Hirai, as it in many ways goes against everything the movie represents. Hirai also requested that said shot not appear in any international version of the movie. After the three settled on a final, toned down version of the shot, an evidently exasperated Rogen wrote, "This is it!!!... Please tell us this is over now." However, it all turned out to be for naught, because after GoP threatened terrorist attacks against cinemas screening The Interview, five of the most popular cinema chains in the U.S. refused to show the film, leading to Sony pulling the movie's release completely. Many online suspected that a DVD or VOD release would be on the cards, but Sony have categorically refuted this, claiming that there are no future plans for the movie's release in any way, shape or form. The terrorists actually won.

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