15 Blunders That Ruined J.J Abrams' Star Trek And Destroyed The Franchise

1. Kirk's Promotion

Another wacky element in Abrams' Star Trek is the way Kirk is promoted from Cadet to Captain. Instead of making a believable transition up the ranks, Kirk is promoted every time he walks out of a turbo lift and it just makes him look unworthy for the position and in turn damages the character. After being bollocked for being on the Enterprise, 5 mins later he is promoted to first officer. And by the end of the film he makes the big jump straight into the captain's chair. I'm sure all the other officers who follow the rules and work hard would love Kirk to be fast tracked like this. It also shows that promotion in Starfleet is random depending on how your ranking officer feels that moment. I'm surprised that they didn't just make Kirk an Admiral for saving Earth, why stop at Captain? In any case, it's not bad going for a cadet that was being reprimanded for cheating during the Kobayashi Maru test and not given a position on any star ship. Well done Kirk. So there we have it, it's hard to see how Star Trek will go back to its glory days of being a genuine, intelligent science fiction show. Now that the masses have put their money behind ACTION Trek, it will be hard for Paramount to ignore the dollar signs and make quality science fiction drama again. But let's see what Star Trek Into Darkness brings us next year and if it's any better due to having less rebooting pressure on it's head, Orci & Kurtzman might surprise us and make a decent film but judging by their track record, yes their films make money but the quality is not there. And every beloved franchise they get involved with, they ruin and sadly Star Trek might be the latest in that line. Star Trek Into Darkness opens May 17, 2013.
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