15 Depraved Movies That Are Incredibly Difficult To Watch

Warning - not suitable for well-adjusted human beings.

In one sense, the history of cinema is a history of the battle between the artist and the censor, with filmakers striving to push forwards the boundaries of expression as society's moralists decry them for daring to show a little too much of human nature. Nowhere is this more apparent than with the depiction of sexual acts on screen. What was once taboo - a prolonged kiss or the sight of a woman's breast - is now far more palatable to general audiences than it once was, and even something as once-shocking as an erect penis can now occasionally be seen in mainstream movies. While unsimulated sex is no longer the sole preserve of pornographic movies, there are still a number of sexual acts considered (rightly, many would say) unspeakable, let alone suitable for projection on the big screen, but that hasn't stopped a number of filmmakers from exploring these acts of sexual depravity in their movies. From getting aroused by the sight (and smell and taste) of inappropriate bodily fluids to delving head first into twisted sexual subcultures used to hiding behind closed doors, some films take the idea of transgression to the extreme and beyond...
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