15 Depraved Movies That Are Incredibly Difficult To Watch

15. Crash

The cinematic master of body horror collides with the literary might of J. G. Ballard and the result is Crash, a dark psychological thriller about people who get their sexual kicks from automobile collisions and the ensuing messy fusion of flesh and steel. James Ballard (James Spader) embarks on an affair with a twist with Helen Remington (Holly Hunter) after the two are involved in a car crash, their car-bound sexual encounters a way of understanding the arousal felt after the violent collision. Before long they're involved in a group of fetishists led by Vaughn (Elias Koteas), a man for whom car crashes are synonymous with orgasms. You'd be right to think that Crash enters some strange sexual territory but as is often the case truth is just as strange as fiction - in 2013 a British man was arrested for having sex with his car.
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