15 Early Predictions For 2019 Oscars

T'Challa goes for gold.

Black Panther Best Picture
Marvel Studios & AMPAS

The dust has well and truly settled after The Shape of Water's triumphant Best Picture win, and while the awards circus won't kick off again in earnest until the end of the summer, film buffs and Oscar prognosticators alike are already busy trying to guess what might win big at next year's ceremony.

Obviously the Oscar race is a fickle beast, with every year seeing countless deserving winners failing to even be nominated for reasons political or financial, but from the little we know of 2018's upcoming slate of awards hopefuls, these are the safest bets so far.

From more conventionally Oscar-baiting fare sure to go far this year, to a certain recent superhero movie that's being passionately pushed for Best Picture, hopefully next year's show will follow in the footsteps of 2018's ceremony by serving up a diverse slate of winners from a variety of genres.

The worst thing the Oscars could do right now is slink backwards into celebrating stodgy, classical Hollywood fare when there's so much vibrant, unconventional cinema worthy of awards. Fingers crossed...

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