15 Most Underrated Sci-Fi Movies Of All Time

14. A Scanner Darkly

Equilibrium Movie
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A perfect example of a movie attempting something new and sadly suffering for it, A Scanner Darkly is a cracking film that, unfortunately, was generally avoided because of its unusual style. A cell-shaded dystopian 'noir' style sci-fi, A Scanner Darkly is a great film that succeeds in its goal of doing something completely different and doing it really well.

A stellar cast backs up the interesting art style and the story line is an engaging adventure through a fantastic world. Based on a book by oft-celebrated master of sci-fi, Phillip K. Dick, A Scanner Darkly has some fantastic material to work from and manages to do that material serious justice. It is a trippy sci-fi film that was praised by critics for its innovation in film making but sadly ignored in many other corners.

It is a shame that more people could not find their way to seeing past the unusual aesthetic of the film because it is a truly fantastic film which deserves much more love than it receives.

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