15 Things You Somehow Missed In Shaun Of The Dead

14. “Top Left. Reload. Good Shot”

Shaun Of The Dead 1
Universal Pictures

Nick Frost’s character, Ed, spends much of the first part of the film lazily lounging around on Shaun’s sofa playing video games. At one point, Shaun enters and helps him out by offering him advice on killing his enemies in the game, he yells out “Top left. Reload. Good Shot.”

This brief interaction seems fairly innocuous at the time, but becomes more relevant later on in the movie when the gang have to fight off the hoard of zombies attacking them in the pub. As Shaun is shooting at the zombies, Ed helps him by repeating the instructions of “Top left. Reload. Good Shot.” back to him.

So for everyone that moans about people laying on the sofa, playing video games all day, you might just want to think again, because it could save your life.


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