17 Subtle Star Wars Easter Eggs And References In Other Movies

3. The Worst Way To Die - Frozen (2010)

Don€™t get excited, this is not Disney€™s Frozen, but a decent little horror film released three years previous. As a below-freezing winter storm approaches a ski resort, three skiers bribe their way onto the lift for one last run. When the lift operator they bribed is called away, however, they are forgotten about and become stranded on a chairlift high above the ground for the weekend. If the cold doesn€™t kill them, the wolves circling underneath will. Three people stuck on a chairlift for an entire weekend are going to cover a range of topics, though one that you would image would crop up pretty quickly under the circumstances is what is the worst way to die? Such is the case in the film, and one of condemned kids chooses death by Sarlacc pit, a fate that Jabba the Hutt had in store for Leia, Han and Luke in Return Of The Jedi.

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