18 Crazy Facts You Have To Accept To Enjoy The Wizarding World Movies

Enchanting they may be, but these movies certainly aren't perfect.

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Even after all these years, the Wizarding World is still a huge and important franchise which continues to delight millions of people the world over. This isn't surprising, for it is a very strong property; the books are brilliant and the films are (mostly) very good as well, even if the books are considerably better.

What's really interesting about these movies is that they shouldn't have worked. The books will have been hard to turn into coherent movies given the size and scope of them, while filming all the movies back to back was a huge gamble.

Therefore, since these movies were already fighting an uphill battle, they are decidedly imperfect despite their strengths and have quite a few issues that will no doubt leap out at you on a re-watch, especially as you grow older. Additionally, the two Fantastic Beasts spin-offs have suffered from some problems as well.

This is still an excellent franchise which you'll probably enjoy revisiting, but there are plenty of issues you'll just have to accept in order to fully enjoy them. If you accept these films are the strong yet flawed beasts that they are, you'll still have an absolute blast with them...

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