18 Guaranteed Ways To Have Your Film Buff Status Revoked

12. Letting Somebody Who Knows More About Film Than You Into Your Social Group

Never ask a superior film buff to hang around in your group, because your friends will relish the moment when said superior film buff wipes the floor clean with you, and will thereafter refuse to acknowledge that you know "everything about movies." 'Cause you clearly don't.

11. Getting Something Film-Related Wrong (Then Having Somebody Prove How Wrong You Were Later On)

But you could have swore that was Sarah Jessica Parker in Mannequin! Kim Cattrall? But that's who you meant! It was an easy mistake to make. Aaaaaand you've lost all respect for me, haven't you?

10. Having A Thoroughly Unimpressive DVD Collection

How am I suppose to judge your tastes unless you show me how you spend your money? Speaking of which...

9. Your DVD Collection Is Unorganised/Isn't Arranged In A Specific Way/All Your Discs Are In The Wrong Boxes (Or Not In Boxes At All)

I'd like to leave now, please.

8. Calling A Foreign Movie By Its English Title

"We should watch Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi." "Huh?" "Oh, that's Spirited Away to you." If you're serious about both film buffery and foreign movies, then it's up to you to make sure that you call all foreign movies by their original language titles, no matter how hard they are to pronounce, or whether or not people will know what movie you're actually talking about until you finally unveil the English translation.

7. Not Having The Most Obscure Film In A Famous Director's Canon As Your "Favourite"

When you ascend to the highest levels of film buff status, your tastes have to change from that of the mainstream to lesser known picks - so it's goodbye Pulp Fiction, hello Jackie Brown; adios Full Metal Jacket, hola Eyes Wide Shut. Only a true film buff can appreciate the movies that the rest of society still aren't totally sure of. Prepare to be disregarded if you can't keep it obscure.
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