20 Alternate Disney Characters You Never Got To See

14. The Seven Dwarfs (Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs)

Dopey. Doc. Sleepy. Sneezy. Grumpy. Bashful. Happy... full marks if you got them all without looking. But if the finished dwarfs would have looked like this early imagining, it surely would be nigh on impossible to remember them all. Dopey is instantly recognisable here, as are Sleepy and Grumpy. As one of them is wearing glasses, we can assume this is Doc. But what about the other three on the right? Who's who? They all look exactly the same. Luckily, Disney did eventually decide to make each dwarf instantly individual, making it much easier to differentiate between Bashful, Sneezy and Happy.

13. Ursula (The Little Mermaid)

It's fair to say that The Little Mermaid's antagonist Ursula is hardly the most aesthetically pleasing of Disney's many females. But compared to this early artwork, her final form looks like Marilyn Monroe. However, the early impression of Ursula, though unused, was not completely wasted, as it quite clearly provided the inspiration for Hades' hairstyle in Hercules five years later, and a whole host of faces in Monsters Inc. some time after that.

12. Aladdin (Aladdin)

The eponymous hero of 1992's Aladdin must've hit the weight room pretty hard between this early concept and the final cut. While the hat, vest, and trademark black locks remain, Aladdin's early form is far more elegant and feminine, and one can only assume that the main reason for altering this was to provide more of a contrast between him and Princess Jasmine. Speaking of which...

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