20 Best Indie Movies Of 2015

14. Appropriate Behaviour

Appropriate Behaviour
Parkville Pictures
The fact that Desiree Akhavan conceived Appropriate Behaviour as part of her senior thesis paper as a graduate student at New York University is just one reason why it's such an impressive debut. Better still is just how effectively she subverts the expectations of the rom-com genre. As well as writing and directing, Akhavan also stars as Shirin, daughter to successful Persian immigrants who has been reluctant to inform her religious family about her bisexuality and who is struggling to settle her life down after a break up with a partner. She flits from one social engagement to another, striving to connect with those around her and summon the courage to reveal the truth to her parents. Akhavan delivers a strong central performance and is surrounded by a great supporting cast while her script is witty, insightful and autobiographical without ever coming across as self-indulgent. Her next film should be one to watch out for.
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