20 Best Movies About The Movies Of All Time

12. Ed Wood

Hail Cesare
Warner Bros.

There seems to be a growing sub-genre within Hollywood where a film is made about the making of a disastrous real life film. Most recently, an example would be Netflix's Dolemite is my Name, but the one film that started this trend is the comical drama Ed Wood.

The film follows the titular director, played by a naïve and excitable Johnny Depp, who felt he had a calling to tell stories on the big screen. Unfortunately, his lack of talent was swatted away by his infectious ignorance that resulted in some of the worst received and ludicrous films of the 1950s.

Easily the highlight of Ed Wood is the director's bond and friendship with the aging legend Bela Lugosi who is played by a scene-stealing and Oscar winning Martin Landau. Lugosi had been left behind by Hollywood and Landau perfectly captures that feeling of resentment at being forgotten.

It is a shame that a film about Wood is infinitely better than anything he produced himself, but the flick honours him as best it can, showing that he truly just wanted to make good films. He had the determination, he just lacked the skill.


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