20 Greatest Spaceships Ever To Appear On Screen

Traveling through space in style!

Science fiction is often set in space and those wishing to travel around need spaceships. Since science fiction left the pages of novels and comics, we have been treated to a huge variety in crafts. They range from the functional to the spectacular, from the realistic to the unbelievable. One thing they all have in common though is their ability to capture our imagination. As time has gone on technology has advanced. This has led to designers being able to use special effects to create hugely impressive ships. However being sleek and shiny doesn€™t guarantee a great spacecraft. Some of the ones that make the most impression of science fiction fans have been from the 60€™s and 70€™s. This list looks at the greatest spaceships that have ever been shown on screen, both television and film. In order to include them here we looked at a variety of factors including how unique they are, their cultural impact, how well designed they are and their power within their own universe. Of course we couldn€™t include every ship when narrowing it down to only twenty entries. So if you think we have missed something off then feel free to let us know below in the comments.

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