20 Greatest Spaceships Ever To Appear On Screen

20. Derelict Engineer Ship

Appears in: Aliens This ship isn€™t particularly strong and seems relatively small and unimpressive when compared to some of the other ships on this list. But what it does have going for it is that it is incredibly unsettling. It really does look like something a mysterious alien species would use, completely unlike any human construct. The novelization of the film goes into even more detail about the ship, describing the interior as looking like bone and dead flesh. This leads to some of the characters speculating that the ship may even have been grown as a living organism rather than built. That only makes it more eerie.

19. Asgard Mothership

Appears in: Stargate The Asgard are one of the most powerful of all the races seen throughout the various incarnations of Stargate. Their technology led them to create incredibly deadly ships. While the motherships were not as powerful as the O€™Neill-class vessels they can still pack a mean punch, while there sophisticated AI means they can be crewed in emergencies by only one person. During visits to Earth the Asgard had a direct influence on Norse mythology. It€™s easy to see how this happened because the O€™Neill ships look very much like a broadsword. This distinctive shape sets it apart from other ships.

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