20 Most Anticipated Horror Movies Of 2025

7. Jordan Peele's Untitled Movie

Ombis 2 Alien Awakening 2025

Even though Jordan Peele only has three directorial film credits to his name, the innovation behind Get Out, Us, and Nope proved the Keanu star has a gift for psychological horror. Due to his repertoire, it's a big deal every time the Key and Peele comedian throws his hat into any project.

For this reason, the horror community is buzzing like crazy over his latest movie. Initially set to release at Christmas 2024, Peele's untitled film was delayed to next year due to the SAG-AFTRA Strike.

Although Peele kept details surrounding Nope tight to his chest, this forthcoming film is even more secretive. No cast reveal. No information involving the plot. As of now, it doesn't even have a title. But according to the director, this cryptic feature "could be my favourite movie if I make it right".

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