20 Stupid X-Men Movie Mistakes You Probably Missed

The dumb moments, plot holes and goofs that defined Fox's mutant franchise...

Wolverine Claws

Everyone loves a movie mistake. Whether it's plot-holes, anachronisms, silly goofs or just ridiculous contrivances, they're the kind of fuel that gives film fans licence to talk for hours on what went wrong. Because while we love great movies, we also all love being able to tear strips off them too. That's just how love works, isn't it?

And thanks to the... let's say UNEVEN nature of Fox's X-Men franchise, Marvel's mutant movies provided us with a lot to get our teeth into on that front. Because they might be some of the most flawed movies of all time. Entertaining yes, but broken in SO many ways.

You could just sit here and complain about how little James McAvoy looks like Sir Patrick Stewart when they're supposed to be similar ages by the end of Dark Phoenix, or you could just be grateful we got to see both performances. Besides, that's nowhere near nitpicky enough.

20. Mystique Forgets She Rescued Wolverine - X-Men: Days Of Future Past/Apocalypse

X-Men Days Of Future Past Mystique Stryker
20th Century Fox

At the end of Days Of Future Past, Wolverine is cast out of his past body when Magneto beats the hell out of him and sends him to the bottom of a river impaled on metal rods. It's not the kind of thing you just shake off, even when you're invulnerable and Logan obviously needs a hand to get out of his predicament.

Luckily - or unluckily for him - Stryker turns up with a team and fishes him out of the drink, presumably setting up him becoming a key part of the Weapon X experiments and explaining how he got his shiny bones. Except, then the twist is that it's actually not Stryker - it's Mystique in disguise and actually, Logan is safe.

Or he would be, if Mystique hadn't completely forgotten she was involved in his rescue, even though she's a self-appointed mutant saviour when she returns in Apocalypse. There's just no mention of the fact that she saved him and no explanation for how the real Stryker managed to capture Wolverine to experiment on him.

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