20 Stupid X-Men Movie Mistakes You Probably Missed

19. The Credits Misspelling - X-Men: The Last Stand

X-Men Movie Mistake Credits

Obviously Americans have different spelling conventions to the English who gave them our beautiful, strange language, but it has to come with its limits.

As if to offer a final summation of how sloppy Brett Ratner's original trilogy ender was, the end credits of The Last Stand has not one but TWO noticeable spelling mistakes. And it's not even like they're complex ones. Firstly, the mysterious job of paint foreman is misspelled as 'forman' - pretty disrespectful to Paul Duffy and his excellent paint foremanning, if you ask me.

And secondly, right at the start of the credits of the theatrical release, Fox managed to miss the fact that someone had spelled Starring as "Strarring."

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