20 Things You Didn't Know About Raising Arizona

10. Tex Cobb Scared The Coens So Much That They Knew They'd Never Hire Him Again

Raising Arizona Woody Woodpecker
20th Century Fox

When hiring a professional heavyweight boxer to play your bounty hunting villain, you must know you're opening yourself up for a pretty intense, aggressive performance.

The Coens seemingly underestimated just how forceful a fighter of his stature would be, as Joel Coen noted that "he's less an actor than a force of nature ... I don't know if I'd rush headlong into employing him for a future film."

Aside from just being a pretty scary guy in general, he was also a bit too powerful a personality when the cameras weren't rolling. In a similar sense to Nicolas Cage, he took his role very seriously, and his overwhelming physical power made him scarily like Leonard Smalls.

Also like Nicolas Cage, the Coens did not work with Cobb again.


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