20 Things You Didn't Know About Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones

7. Industrial Light & Magic Created 2817 Effects Shots For The Film

Christian Bale Anakin Skywalker

If you want a clear picture of just how CGI-heavy Attack of the Clones truly is, Industrial Light and Magic created an astonishing 2817 VFX shots for the film, though only 2000 of these actually ended up in the final picture.

Given that the film's total shot count was 2161, it's clearly no exaggeration to say that almost every shot in the movie has some sort of VFX element - 92.55%, to be precise.

When you consider that even something as large-scale as Avengers: Endgame had "only" 2,496 effects shots, that Lucas came close almost two decades earlier is undeniably impressive - despite the film's inferior execution.


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