20 Things You Somehow Missed In Back To The Future Part 2

Christopher Lloyd was totally blind while shooting the movie's opening scene.

Back to the Future Part 2

Back to the Future Part II may not quite reach the masterful highs of the original, but honestly what does? It's still one of the greatest sequels ever made, and its esteem with audiences has only grown over the last three-plus decades.

Impressively one-upping the original's scale and stakes with its ambitious, time-hopping narrative, Part II builds on what came before in ways both playful and clever.

Like the first film, it's also absolutely crammed with subtle details for viewers to seek out, and so densely packed is almost every shot of the movie with fascinating flourishes that you probably missed a lot of them.

And so, poring over reams of behind-the-scenes material, interviews with the cast and crew, and scouring the film itself with help from the fine folk at /r/MovieDetails/, here's 20 factoids, Easter eggs, and downright shocking revelations you probably didn't know about Back to the Future Part II.

As much as everybody loves the movie, prepare to discover even more layers of complexity and detail, ensuring you'll develop a newfound level of respect for the production and especially director Robert Zemeckis...

20. Jaws 19 Is Directed By Steven Spielberg's Son, Max

Back to the Future Part 2

At the start of the film, Marty (Michael J. Fox) travels to 2015 with Doc (Christopher Lloyd) and Jennifer (Elisabeth Shue). When Marty steps out into Hill Valley, he takes in the nifty sights of his hometown 30 years into the future.

This includes a holographic advertisement for the upcoming holofilm Jaws 19, which is both a wink at director Robert Zemeckis' good pal Steven Spielberg, and Hollywood's growing fascination with franchises and sequels.

While this gag is relatively obvious and draws fair attention to itself, you may not have noticed the name of the filmmaker attached to the marquee: Max Spielberg.

It doesn't take a genius to deduce that this is one of Steven Spielberg's children, and for sure, Max Spielberg is indeed the director's real-life first son, born in 1985.

And so, by the time the 2015 of this movie rolls around, Max would've been 30 years old - almost exactly the same age that his dad was when he directed the original Jaws.


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