20 Things You Somehow Missed In Captain America: Civil War

19. Torture Inconsistency

Captain America Civil War Rhodey Falcon Sokovia Accords
Marvel Studios

The first part of Zemo’s very convoluted plan in Civil War was to recover the book that contained the aforementioned code to unlock the Winter Soldier’s brain. After searching the files that Black Widow leaked to the public, the Sokovian tracked the book down.

This wasn’t everything that he wanted, however. A key part of his plan was the detail as to what happened to Maria and Howard Stark on 16 December 1991. He needed the mission report, and he was certainly not above torturing the man in possession of the HYDRA book for the information.

This particular method of torture saw the HYDRA man tied upside down with his head dangling in a bucket slowly filling up with water. The fact that he was knowingly on the clock was supposed to motivate him into giving Zemo the answers he wanted, but it turns out the man was not to be broken.

Ultimately, he drowned in the bucket, though there was a huge inconsistency in this scene. Before he started struggling for breath, the bucket began to overflow while his nose and mouth were still above the water. How then could they be fully submerged just a split second later?


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