20 Things You Somehow Missed In Never Say Never Again

19. The Casino Royale In Nice

Bond And Domino Never Say Never Again
Warner Bros./MGM

James Bond often visits a casino in the course of his adventures and Never Say Never Again is no exception; in fact, the film inverted the formula by showing the casino filled with arcade machines, which was something of a culture shock.

The casino in Nice that Double-0 Seven walks into is named the Casino Royale. At first blush, this is a reference to James Bond's roots in Ian Fleming's 1953 novel; however, there is a more audacious possibility behind its inclusion in the film.

Kevin McClory had claimed that he was responsible for the onscreen depiction of James Bond. Even though the film rights to Casino Royale were held by Columbia Pictures/Sony, McClory possibly intended to make or remake all of the Bond stories.


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