25 WTF Moments From Friday The 13th Films

24. The Snake Death - Friday The 13th

The innocent (and not so innocent) camp counsellors at Crystal Lake weren't the only victims to die in Friday The 13th. Quite randomly, the film has a scene where the counsellors are in a cabin trying to kill what appears to be a black snake.

After some false starts and rushes, one counsellor gets several chops in with a machete and succeeds in killing the reptile. Afterwards, another counsellor proclaims, "At least we know what's for dinner."

What was the point of this scene? It was basically two minutes of teenagers running and screaming. If another snake popped up later in the film, then that would have made more sense. But nope. That never happened. It was just a ploy to add screen time. Also, the snake actually died onscreen, which is messed up on an entirely different level.


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