5 Best Cameos In Film History

4. Cate Blanchett in Hot Fuzz

cate blanchett hot fuzz Here€™s one that the vast majority of the audience probably didn€™t know about, unless they€™d read about it ahead of time or had a good ear for voices. Yes, that€™s Galadriel behind that mask. I expect it€™s relatively rare to find a big name actor or actress who would be willing to do this sort of thing. It€™s especially surprising when you consider that Blanchett was an Oscar winner by this point. So she must have been a really good sport to show up for what is essentially an easter egg. There€™s another hidden cameo in this film in the form of Peter Jackson as a deranged Santa Claus. However, he€™s only onscreen for a few seconds so all but the most ardent Lord of the Rings fans are unlikely to spot him.
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