5 James Marsden Characters That Got Totally Shafted

The poor guy always gets the short end of the stick no matter what.

One of the biggest dangers an actor can face is that of being type-cast. If an actor is well known and liked in a certain role, casting directors may get the actor to appear in a similar role so as to repeat the past film's success over and over again. Many actors have been critically derided for playing the exact same role continuously in every single film so as to be branded as "just playing themselves". If there's one actor that is never type-cast because he plays so many different roles, it's James Marsden. He's not a big movie star by any means, but he has all the makings of one: he's a good-looking and talented actor that oftentimes gets sidelined in favour of other "stars". The sad part about it is that nobody ever cares about him because of other people that steal his thunder. Nobody cares about him in Enchanted because of Patrick Dempsey. Nobody cares about him in The Notebook because of Ryan Gosling, nobody cares about him in Superman Returns because of Superman, nobody cares about him in X-Men because of Hugh Jackman and nobody cares about him in Straw Dogs because of Alexander Skarsgard. The fact of the matter is, nobody cares about poor James Marsden. Marsden always plays a different character in every film, but ironically the exact same thing happens to the guy: he always gets the short end of the stick no matter what. SPOILERS below.

Philip Clarke is a 21-year old graduate of the SAIT Film and Video Production Program. He spends his days working on his novels and feature film screenplays. His favourite film is GoodFellas. He goes to the theatre to watch movies on a weekly basis to feed his cinematic addictions.