5 James Marsden Characters That Got Totally Shafted

5. Prince Edward - Enchanted (2007)

After saving Giselle (Amy Adams) from a giant ogre, Prince Edward (James Marsden) proposes to her and she immediately says yes. Their happy ending in Andalasia is all but assured until his domineering mother Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon) pushes her down a magical well to New York City where "there are no happy endings". Edward travels all the way to New York to find Giselle. Upon hearing of her voice from miles away, he jumps off a bridge to chase after her, only to be knocked over by several cyclists. He spends a great deal of time searching a city of millions of people, and against all odds he does eventually find her. Much to Edwards's chagrin however, she's been saved by Robert (Patrick Dempsey). She claims that it's nothing, so Edward aims to return them home and marry his fiancé once and for all. Upon finally having Giselle in his arms, she convinces him go to a ball right before they get married. In one last attempt to destroy Gisele's happiness at the ball, Narissa tricks her into eating a poisoned apple, which puts her into a deep sleep. The only way to awaken his sleeping dear is through true love's kiss. He kisses her and she doesn't wake up, because she doesn't love him anymore. He gets unintentionally usurped by Robert who does awaken her with true love's actual kiss. After all of the painstaking and backbreaking work he did to find her, she's fallen in love with some other guy. As heartbroken as he is, he does bump into Nancy (Idina Menzel) who's Robert's shafted ex. They instantly fall in love and return to Andalasia for the planned wedding, albeit with a different bride. As forced and unbelievable as this pairing is, the worst part is just the fact that Edward wedding Nancy really feels like only coming in second place. He basically just gets a "Thanks for Participating!" medal. To quote the great Ricky Bobby: "If you ain't first, you're last!"

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