5 Prometheus Questions We Still Want Answered

Which then becomes questions among questions and suddenly we've got dozens of mysteries that need solving...

Opinion is severely divided on Ridley Scott€™s new sci-fi masterpiece in waiting, "Prometheus". You only have to snatch a quick glance at the number of articles that profligate the internet (and this very website HERE) after only less than a fortnight on general release to see the furry of debates surrounding the film and subsequently the amount of fan boy vitriol that these perfectly genuine opinions incite. There are some €˜givens€™ in Scott€™s "Prometheus", though not that many to hang your hat on. The lack of what we were expecting has appeared to overshadow what we have actually been offered and to some extent, this has riled those that wanted something else. Add to this the fact that what Scott has ended up delivering has been unexpected, shadowy and as graspable as smog and you have dissatisfaction aplenty. From even before the opening credits hit our screens, we all knew this would divide audiences. The casual movie-goer may not be concerned for those elements that I am focusing on here, but this does not make them any less worthy. We deserve a little closure and we didn€™t get it and these are some of the reasons why. Here's some questions about "Prometheus" that we all want answered...

1. Why Did Weyland's Trillion Dollar Project Not Occur Earlier?

It seems that the feasibility of this trek across the heavens to accept an invitation (which, let's be honest, is a bit of a reach) from our possible creators relied solely on the evidence found (somewhat conveniently) in one Scottish cave. Was Weyland only convinced of the validity of the project when this last piece of evidence was found? Did the six other discoveries, all purporting to have the same evidence not convince him? If I was his age, I wouldn't be hanging about, quite frankly. I probably wouldn't have waited. Hell no, I'm certain I would have risked it sometime earlier. Also, just how many caves in Scotland did they search in? They appeared to find the evidence they were looking for rather easily. And why Scotland? Given the locations of the other discoveries, what would make them go looking in the Highlands? They clearly didn€™t get a tip off, as we can see Shaw uncovering the find herself. Did they ply some toothless, kilt-wearing harridan with Bell's finest and hastily scribble down whatever nonsense she came out with? "Oh aye laddie, I remember them etchins', they're in them caves, aye"..

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