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Prometheus 2 Is Actually Called Alien: Paradise Lost

John Milton goes interstellar.

25 Sep 2015 Alex Leadbeater

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20 Alien Easter Eggs You Never Noticed

In space, no-one can find these Easter eggs...

6 Mar 2015 Jack Pooley

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Prometheus 2: 9 Things Need To Happen

Aren't scientists supposed to be smart?

16 Oct 2014 Joe Pring

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10 Things You Didn't Know About Prometheus

Is it an Alien prequel or not, dammit!

14 Oct 2014 Joe Pring

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8 Popular Movie Sub-Genres That Need To Die

They're all popular but it's just time to say enough is enough.

7 Oct 2014 Alex Leadbeater

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10 Ways You're Ruining Movies For Yourself

Think modern cinema's rubbish? Well it's all your own fault.

27 Aug 2014 Alex Leadbeater

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10 Reasons Prometheus 2 Should Be Scrapped For Alien 5

Hey Ridley, give the fans what they really want.

16 Jul 2014 Jack Pooley

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10 Best Androids From Sci-Fi Films

They've seen things you wouldn't believe.

29 Apr 2014 Robert Tiemstra


16 Movie Characters Who Were Killed For Being Clichés

He's a promising officer with a great career ahead of him. Can everyone say "Dead Meat"?

26 Apr 2014 Simon Gallagher

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Prometheus 2: 10 Lessons It Must Learn In Order To Succeed

Or, how Ridley Scott can avoid dropping the ball a second time.

10 Apr 2014 Andrew Dilks

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Prometheus 2: 10 Questions The Film Needs To Answer

A sequel's been announced, but will it tie up the many, many loose ends of its predecessor?

8 Apr 2014 Chris Haigh

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Prometheus 2 Will Have More Michael Fassbender Than Any Movie Ever

Ridley Scott is confirmed to direct for a March 2016 release. And it seems there'll be more Fassbender than any movie deserves...

25 Mar 2014 WhatCulture

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8 Good Films One Crippling Flaw Away From Being Awesome

Because shooting yourself in the foot is all too easy, and tragic when it happens.

27 Jan 2014 Oliver Cullen

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9 Deleted Scenes That Explain Confusing Movie Moments

Filling in the gaps the directors later decided to make ambiguous.

19 Jan 2014 Alex Leadbeater