5 Reasons Sony's Venom Movie Is Doomed To Fail

Sorry Sony, it's time to go back to the drawing board.

Seemingly determined to make us all miserable, Sony are still forging ahead with the idea of a spin-off movie starring Venom, despite allowing their flagship character Spider-Man join The Avengers and the MCU. A movie featuring the beloved villain has been in development for what feels like forever but given the huge success of the Deadpool movie, it's not that surprising to see this project come out of the woodwork. But unlike Deadpool, Venom has all the makings of a massive critical and commercial flop...

5. It Will Be Set In A World Without Spider-Man

How do you have Venom without Spider-Man? That's the big issue Sony are going to need to work out. Remember that when the symbiote bonded with Peter Parker, it enhanced his abilities, later transferring those to Eddie Brock but taking on a more monstrous appearance due to the hate within him. Without the influence of Spider-Man, why would Venom have all of his powers and that iconic spider logo on his chest? It makes absolutely no sense, and portraying the symbiote as a man-made substance which just grants the wearer superpowers completely misses the point, especially as Eddie, Mac Gargan, and Flash Thompson's ties to Spidey have greatly influenced their actions and motivations when they were Venom. Without Spider-Man's involvement, Venom is basically exactly like that ill-fated Steel movie from the '90s which took place in a world without Superman; there's just no reason for one character to exist without the other.
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