50 Greatest Movie Scenes Of All Time

46. In the Heat of the Night - They Call me Mr. Tibbs

It is the essence of issue raising cinema, bundled so nicely into this topical, very mystery based primetime drama. In the Heat of the Night is best remembered for that quite powerful quote€€They call me Mr. Tibbs.€ It is a well-executed line from one of my favorite actors €“ Sidney Poitier. http://youtu.be/zklu9zyFlv4

45. Goodfellas - Restaurant Scene

The restaurant entrance in Goodfellas looks and feels like a stage play. It has a long, steady-cam shot, and it follows Henry and Karen walking through the back-ends of a restaurant in order to skip the queue. It is unlike any other long take shot that I have seen; most are shrill and filled with dialogue €“ which is great because it shows an actors€™ skill. But this scene has little dialogue and lots of materials, lots of characters, a lot going on. This is great because it shows the directors€™ skill as well as the actors€™; it relies a lot on timings. And who better to plot the scene than one of America€™s finest - Martin Scorsese. http://youtu.be/3Sr-vxVaY_M

44. The Shining - Here's Johnny

I was originally opting for the end scene, but after hard recollection, I decided to add this one. €œHere€™s Johnny€, the strange and seemingly meaningless words uttered by an either insane or ghostly figure asks so many questions, although none defined; what did Jack mean? Quite frankly, this is one of the most iconic moments in the history of Horror. http://youtu.be/2TVooUHN7j4

43. There Will be Blood - End Scene

It is a much talked about scene. Many call it great, many call it unnecessary, the end quote from Daniel Plainview is such a weird, unrelated one to the story that it deserves some attention. Many critics, although expressing their love for the film, find the ending to be quite baffling. It seems to have no real means of importance, especially seeing as Plainview has killed before. Whatever the intent, it worked well for me. http://youtu.be/12Iosf6btzM
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