50 Most Anticipated Movies Of 2017 - Ranked

49. Rings

2017 Movies

Whether you think the idea of a killer video tape is now played out or not, the promise of seeing more of long-haired creeper ghost Samara has got to be an exciting one for genre fans. She is still one of the most scary additions to the horror canon of the past couple of decades and there is definitely enough in her mythology to carry more sequels.

Or so Paramount have to be hoping.

This threequel isn't the prequel that was originally expected - instead it picks up 13 years after The Ring 2 with a new conceit (a film within the original film) and a new mass-transmission method (for some reason it's taken this long for the killer video to get online).

Rather worryingly, it looks a little teen-focussed and there's a definite hint of Final Destination in the horribly spoilerish trailer, but it still looks creepy enough. Hopefully it won't dilute the brand's original pulling power too much.

Release Date: February 3rd


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