6 Ways DC Can Make A Wonder Woman Movie That Doesn't Suck

It’s time to throw out the tired formula of women as earth mothers, assistants or romantic fodder.

Is it possible to make a successful movie featuring a female superhero? Of course it is. It€™s time, however, to throw out the tired formula of women as earth mothers, assistants or romantic fodder. Despite what certain video game makers would have us believe there€™s no great hardship in creating memorable characters that are not male. All it takes is a willingness to portray alternate points of view and a commitment to giving female characters agency so they can interact with their environments in a realistic way. The way to write a female superhero that will resonate with modern audiences is to allow her to be a hero in her own right and not one defined by the male characters surrounding her. Otherwise she is a sidekick or even worse little more than an accessory no matter what the movie is called. Wonder Woman is a beloved character rich in history. She is more than capable of starring in her own story. Yet in order for that to happen she must emerge as a fully realized human being not a fantasy. Wonder Woman certainly has the potential to be a blockbuster but her portrayal must be handled with the kind of respect seldom accorded to female super heroes or female characters in general. Here are six ways to catapult Wonder Woman from hackneyed to heroic...

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