7 Cancelled Movie Sequels Saved By Comics

5. Frank Miller's Robocop

Robocop Frank Miller
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Robocop is a cinematic masterpiece using the story of a man dealing with his humanity after becoming a cyborg while slamming the growing control corporations had over everyday life.

It was also bloody, brutal, and a spectacle to behold.

The sequel that actually did hit theatres was more focused on the action and violence in the same life cycle as the Rambo series. Oddly enough, they both had Saturday morning cartoons during this period too.

Frank Miller would be hired to write the scripts for the sequel films, however his script was reworked by the first film's writers into what eventually would be the movie. It wasn't until 2003, strangely enough, that Frank Miler's Robocop vision would debut. While not written by Frank Miller, Steven Grant adapted the original unused script and notes into this strange book.

It had roughly the same reaction coming out that the film versions had, but with so many changes such as the whole Nuke facility scenes being film-only, it has become a name that comic readers know and a book worth buying to see how a script can change from start to finish.


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